About us

Chaos Gears is founded by people with more then 20 years of experience in ITC sector who decided to abandon the slow and unreliable world of on-premise infrastructure for fast, flexible and endless possibilities of delivering business value of Cloud.

We boost innovative ideas within large enterprise organizations, software houses and startups.

Every day, we empower these organizations to adapt to innovative their technology and operations model much faster. We achieve this by leveraging:

  • DevOps approach / Certified, self-motivated Architects & SREs
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Cloud computing
  • Serverless
  • Chaos Engineering

…all delivered within agile model.

We believe that our modern approach is visible in the discipline in which we improve the distributed systems so as to create confidence that the systems will withstand any turbulent conditions in the production. 

When we adopt it in a controlled way we can also induct cultural change in the organization and together with technological transformation it results in a faster, leaner and more innovative business of our clients.

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Why We’re Different

First and most important — no bullshit, just truth, the one you can rely on. We are disruptive because we want to transform the enterprise in a completely new way — the one where old-rustic consultancies and outdated system integrators cannot provide you support. New journey with a hell of experience.

Our goal is to empower your organization to create in-house crystal clear technological strategy. The one  that will last you years, the one that is possible to deliver, operate and improve. We work as a team in cycles, continuously improve your infrastructure, applications and  your business. We enable you you to get to your market faster on more robust, more secure and compliant environment and we ensure you are ready for to grow your business.

Our Outstanding People

konrad dudek

Konrad Dudek


An IT consultant with 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Specializes in architecting cloud solutions and knows how to solve technical problems in cooperation with maintenance teams. Konrad participated in the development of one of the biggest IT system integrators, which is currently one of the leaders on the Polish market and the largest Cisco partner in terms of turnover. He has great experience with cooperation with the top IT solution suppliers in the world.

Konrad is oriented towards B2B customers with emphasis on the analysis of their needs and satisfaction. He has long term practice in IT project management for the major and most demanding customers. He also has the the ability to introduce optimal ICT solutions in all aspects of the project undertaken. On top of this, he has developer background (he is a co-author of the Mistrz Polski '96 - Manager Piłkarski game for Amiga computers).

Karol Junde


Co-Founder and CTO at Chaos Gears. He is a strong believer in Chaos Engineering and "Destroy to Improve" Theory. He’s focused on Serverless architectures design and automation and as team leader he's also responsible for the development of fully-serverless Gearbox app - our side product. As a big fan of Netflix’s internal culture, he's constantly improving his team following the one main principle of taking on full responsibility. He always pays strong attention to technology and seeks people with new ideas and high performance. What’s more, he holds 3 AWS Associate certificates.
Karol is the co-organizer of AWS User Group in Poland(Lodz).

Diana Hryshyna

Junior Serverless Developer

Diana is a student of the third year of Computer Science at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. Her first job, Diana performed as a tester, but because of the high interest in her company of Python language specialist, she has stated writing a Code. Diana has started her adventure with Chaos Gears as an intern. During her internship, she showed up herself as very ambitious and highly motivated person and was promoted to the Junior Serverless Developer to support a Senior Staff Members in their daily duties. At the future, Diana plans to become an AWS developer.

Aleksandra Iwończ

Junior Serverless Developer

Aleksandra is a third-year student of Computer Science at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Aleksandra has started her work at the Chaos Gears as an intern and was focused on supporting team and improving her own skills. Thanks to the hard work, commitment to everything she does and the guidance of the more experienced colleagues, Ola was promoted to Junior Specialist, after completing her internship.
Aleksandra believes that every goal can be achieved through the hard work and her goal is to become an AWS developer.

Grzegorz Chwastarz

Cloud SRE

Grzegorz is a Cloud SRE at the Chaos Gears. The main Grzegorz’s duty is creating and implementing solutions in the AWS cloud using Terraform. Grzegorz has started his journey with an IT in 2014 as a User Support tried to automate things at his work, by writing simple scripts, which later became his main interest - programming. After a few months Grzegorz has created an application, which automated more than 50% of his work and at this point, he has realized that automation is a key to IT. Except of programming and supporting, he took part in a few migration projects. Most important one was about knowledge transfer from Boston to Wrocław, which lasted for 9 month and was completed successfully. Grzegorz also worked as Application Support and shortly period was promoted to Junior DevOps, where he has learned about AWS, Terraform and Ansible.

Dominik Grzywaczewski

Senior Cloud SRE

Dominik is a Cloud SRE at the Chaos Gears with over ten years’ experience and a track record in designing, developing and maintaining virtual and public cloud infrastructures. Dominik worked as a Senior Cloud SysOps and System Engineer on a public and on-premise data center. He has built his experience trough the cooperation with the top IT solution suppliers like VMware, HP, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, Brocade, Cisco, Fortinet, Barracuda. Dominik has an eye for details and can multi-task well under the pressure both acting independently and as a part of a team. He holds titles of AWS CSA, AWS CSOA, VCP, an enterprise focused on Cloud technologies (primarily Amazon Web Services), DevOps methodologies, automation, IaC and Chaos Engineering.

Sebastian Bartczak

Back-End Software Developer | Serverless

Sebastian works as a Back-End Software Developer at Chaos Gears since August 2018. Recently, Sebastian is completing his studies at Cracow University of Technology at the Data Science department. He actively taking part in University’s projects from different fields, which helps him to strength his IT knowledge and gain a new experience. Sebastian’s strong side is an excellent Python skill, but he also familiar with Java and C++. Even though he is at the begging of his learning AWS, Sebastian has already taken part in big cloud projects. Being a person, which is open for a new technology and willing to learn a new thing, helped Sebastian to get his first Cloud Practitioner certificate.

Hubert Spurtacz

Senior Software Developer/IT Specialist

Hubert is a Senior Software Developer/IT Specialist at Chaos Gears, which has over twenty years of experience in both areas of software development and implementation. Over the years he took part in numerous projects in industrial, administrative and banking sectors. Each one of the endeavors required a solid general understanding of the clients' needs as well as specialized knowledge in the area of security, implementation and integration of the solutions on a range of platforms (Windows, Linux, AIX). He has implemented software, IBM Maximo, IBM Control Desk, Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery - TADDM, WebSphere, DB2, IBM IEM / BigFix, Keycloak and others in highly available clustered environments. He gained expertise related to the installation of virtualized environments based on Openstack, Docker and VMware. His portfolio includes numerous integrations in Active Directory, LDAP, SSO / Kerberos, network devices and storage. One of his greatest strengths is the unique experience with analyzing issues occurring at the interface between many connected IT and security components and devising tailored solutions. He is fluent in Java and Python. Hubert does not limit himself to a single predetermined approach for implementation of solutions but adapts the available models basing on DevOps and Agile methodologies.

Tetiana Matviichuk

Business Support and Operations Specialist

Tetiana is a Business Support and Operations specialist at Chaos Gears, where she is responsible for support in creating and handling contracts with Partners, support in the recruitment process and performing back-office duties. Tetiana has graduated from the University of Warsaw, where she got the title of the Master of International Relations. After graduating, Tatiana worked as a program manager, coordinating medical students internships and as a Political and Economic Assistant at the Royal Thai embassy. At a free time, Tatiana spends time volunteering at the hospitals, non – profit organizations and during big events, like EURO and Olympic Games.

Sebastian Respondek (SRE)


Sebastian works as an SRE at Chaos Gears. His passion is AWS Cloud. Enthusiast of Serverless and Big Data solutions, automation according to the `Infrastructure as Code` approach and Open-Source philosophy. He gained his first cloud experience during his work for one of the largest media groups in Poland, taking part in the process of Big Data migration from on-premise to AWS and writing Serverless applications in Python. In programming and designing, he prefers a pragmatic and simple approach.

In his free time, he likes swimming, reading books and watching movies on Netflix.

Arkadiusz Donajski

Senior Cloud Architect

Arkadiusz is Senior Cloud Architect with over 10 years’ experience in IT and over 20 IT certificates. His passion are Cloud, Virtualization and Automation technologies. Arkadiusz has started his career as IT specialist, specialized in Microsoft and VMware virtualization support. From the beginning of his career path, he was involved in various projects and roles in a large enterprise environment, in which his work has been covering consulting, designing and implementation of its solutions. Arkadiusz is a firm believer in combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience as a key of success in IT industry. In a last few years, he continues to focus on different aspects of automation and integration of public and private cloud, especially on Amazon and VMware offerings.
Rafał Król

Rafał Król

Cloud Engineer

Rafal's career in the field of information technology started a few years ago when his path crossed with a war-scarred IT vet from Cuba who taught him that if you really want to learn something you ought to start doing it; he also lent him an 800-page-long book about Visual Basic for Applications which was to become his first tool for automation. Later, in a different company, Rafal worked with UK's TV broadcasters on live voting events with thousands of user interactions per second utilizing the combined power of AWS and NodeJs.

Currently, he is Terraforming a cloud landscape for a heavyweight enterprise customer operating in a very regulated industry.

Rafal Ignaczak

Business Development Manager

Rafal is a Business Development Manager, the line between new customers and our tech team. He is a certified AWS business specialist with a consulting approach based on sincerity and transparency. He focuses on helping people find the right way to use AWS cloud in their organization to achieve their goals by being a trusted advisor. Rafal started his professional path in the business field two years ago. He decided to simultaneously make a bachelor’s degree in Business&Leadership field and develop his career.

Dogs, music, and Marek Hlasko’s literature lover. His favorite quotation which moved me forward, “You can lose or win, but you cannot quit."

Damian Szlawski

Senior SRE

Damian is a Senior SRE at the Chaos Gears with over eight years of experience and a track record in designing, developing, and maintaining enterprise virtual environments and public cloud infrastructures. Damian started his career as a network and system administrator and transitioned through DevOps to Cloud Architect. He holds AWS Certified Solutions Architect titles - both Associate and Professional. Nowadays, he is mostly working with infrastructures as a code (preferably Terraform) and automation of application deployments to Kubernetes. Always eager to learn and looking forward to what the future brings to the industry.

Monika Piorun

Business Development Specialist

Monika is a Business Development Specialist at Chaos Gears company. Her career started over six years ago in the tourism industry, where she was delivering the best practice in sales/marketing fields, and gaining experience in other departments such as the IT environment. The combination of functioning in both industries allows her to see sales, customer service, and business issues from a holistic perspective. She has graduated from Geography of Cities and Tourism at the University of Warsaw. Privately she is a fan of city breaks and active recreation such as biking, mountain trekking and kayaking.

Alexandr Balakirev

Cloud SRE

Alexandr is a Cloud SRE with AWS Professional level certification. Enthusiast of Python and automation according to the `Infrastructure as Code` approach. Alexandr has gained cloud experience during his work at projects which included migration from on-premise to AWS, and implementing automation of application deployments to Kubernetes. At the Chaos Gears, Alexandr is responsible for developing and maintaining AWS infrastructure and implementing new automation solutions.

Tobiasz Jankowski

Senior Cloud Engineer

Tobiasz is a Senior Cloud Engineer at the Chaos Gears with eight years of experience. He moved over different job titles as they were being invented: deployment engineer, DevOps, SRE. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from internal ones, to huge deployments with strict SLAs. He has been always close to the code, live environments and on the vanguard of technology. As of yet, he plays the role of Kubernetes and AWS specialist, with Terraform used to rule them all, but who knows what the future holds?

Małgorzata Polińska

Chief Operations Officer

Małgorzata is a manager with over 12 years of experience in various positions and sectors. Since 7 years working in an IT area. Specialist in the field of building organizational cultures, transition projects, harmonization and development of teams.
She gained her professional experience executing projects in advisory, infrastructure, financial, IT and training companies for various sectors and cooperating with start-ups by innovative projects (like green-tech and project related to the best practices in managing, monitoring and promoting of new technologies by Polish and world technology assessment institutions - in position of Project Lead).
Certified Moderator of Design Thinking, PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner, trainer of Biegun Method, Certified Prosci Change Manager and Agility in HR Certified Professional.
In her free time she supports and involves as a volunteer in educational initiatives addressed to children and youth.