Amazon Workspaces - secured remote working for your business continuity

Welcome to 2020, where flexible work schedules and remote working should no longer be the exception but perks. Our contemporary world insists on working productively and in times where you experience the cancellations of conferences, trips or even flights, there’s no time to wait. User-friendly technologies like Workspaces are the lifesavers and a way to preserve the business continuity.

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Why AWS Workspaces:

No up-front commitment. Amazon WorkSpaces provides a persistent desktop experience with the flexibility of either monthly or hourly billing. Your company can deploy and manage applications for your Windows WorkSpaces by using Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM). Last but not least your control the IP addresses from which users are allowed to access their WorkSpaces.

Complete Solution:

Amazon Workspaces is just a part of the whole solution we commonly designed with our customers. Although you want your employees to easily work on the Workspaces endpoints there are also areas that have to be coved to make it a complimentary design:

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Amazon WorkSpaces uses a directory, either AWS Directory Service or AWS Managed Microsoft AD, to authenticate users. In order to integrate with the AD inside your on-premises an IPSEC VPN or Direct Connect between AWS cloud and your DC should be established.


Employees have to have an access to a hardware device with either client application for a supported device or specific web browser on a supported operating system.


To limit, control and monitor the outbound traffic from the AWS Workspaces to the global Internet or to DC our recommendation is to use ZScaler solution with SIEM to have the security visibility and be able to act quickly.


As an additional level of security we recommend to implement MFA.


Decide which end device type will have access to your WorkSpace. Either iOS and Androids devices or Windows and Macs. By integrating with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon WorkSpaces offers the capability to encrypt data both at rest and in transition


Windows and Mac computers, Ubuntu Linux 18.04 computers, Android and Fire tablets, Chromebooks, iPads. Workspaces is compatible also with Chrome, Firefox, and zero client devices


With Amazon WorkSpaces, you pay only for what you use.

WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer:

AWS offers the Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer, a solution that analyzes all of your WorkSpace usage data and automatically converts the WorkSpace to the most cost-effective billing option (hourly or monthly) depending on the user’s individual usage.

Time of delivery:

With Chaos Gears team you can launch the aforementioned solution within 3 days and keep your employees staying busy and safe in time of crisis.

Looking for remote-working solution for your company. Chaos Gears Team is willing to help you to undergo this process! “Work hard and smart”.

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