Internal Culture – Chaos “20”

We’re looking for highly motivated people

Listen others carefully instead of fast reaction

Constantly present performance so others in your team rely upon you

Focus on result rather than process

Be curious of new technologies, market, customers and join activities outside your specialty

Create new ideas that are useful and minimize complexity

Find time to simplify

Take smart risk

Inspire others with your pace to excellence

Only say about your teammates in way you would say to their face

Find time to help others in your team

Share your knowledge proactively

We don’t care about your working hours we care about the job you’ve done

Don’t wait to be told what to do

We expect you to tell us what to do

We avoid chaos by hiring best performance people, not by adding rules

Always act like it was your own company

We don’t blame each other rather asking ourselves what went wrong

You work better if you understand the context, so we meet frequently to build our own community

We want you to stay because you’re passionate about your work