Physitrack, founded in 2012, is a digital healthcare company and the provider of a solution for patient engagement that encompasses clinical home exercise and education prescription, outcomes tracking and Telehealth for physical rehabilitation and prevention. The initial solution was based on a traditional infrastructure manually implemented in AWS cloud. Chaos Gears team leveraged infrastructure-as-code approach with the usage of AWS CloudFormation templates to build a repeatable, versioned infrastructure.

The application is deployed in 5 regions around the globe with one management VPC in eu-central-1 for secured access. Static content is served over AWS CloudFront, S3 buckets are used as the origin. Regarding dynamic content is served with ALBs endpoints. As a database, Multi-AZ RDS has been deployed in each region.
To meet customer’s GDPR requirement and to give a possibility to backup data to another AWS region in case of any disaster, an automated workflow has been implemented with AWS Lambda, Step Functions, Dynamodb and SNS. To make it easy to be deployed in any region, Chaos Gears team used CloudFormation nested stacks method to divided particular service into logical modules, then combined within the main stack.
All data was encrypted at rest and in transit on both sides: source and destination regions with AWS KMS and SSL TLS.

API calls are collected via CloudTrail with additional CloudWatch alarms set in case of unauthorized access or modifications.


“Satisfaction with the quality of the work carried out, allows us to issue positivereferences to the company Chaos Gears Sp. z o.o., as well as recommending it as areliable, experienced, professional and trustworthy service contractor.”

Physitrack is a London based technology startup in the healthcare space. As a young, VC backed company in the stage of rapid global expansion they were facing an ongoing pressure to deliver new features while maintaining the quality of service. The core team found it challenging to combine both tasks due to the lack of expertise and limited time and resources. They decided to seek outside assistance and were introduced to ChaosGears team by their VC. Physitrack currently has all their cloud infrastructure managed by the Chaos Gears team. This partnership enabled them to ship new features quicker while reducing risks and operational costs.