We build our offer through the factor of cloud adoption in the organization. The solution is tailored both for early cloud adopters as well as ninjas and veterans.

Cloud Adoption and Migration
Cloud Design and Implementation
Cloud Managed Services
Serverless Design and Implementation

First let’s start from –  Design and Implementation. In this area we focus on bringing your innovative ideas to the faster end via cloud services.

When you’re at the decision point  where you’d like to take the first step to the cloud  then Cloud Adoption is a great way to do that! Working with cycles demands Cloud Managed Services, delivering you DevOps approached services and automation and enabling in your environment Continuous Deployment and Cost Optimisation.

Consulting is basically the essence of each part of our job. We believe in relationships built on the “technology first” approach, so we share ideas, listen and finally suggest.  

In order to deliver faster and allow our customers to spent their almost entire time on business part rather than maintenance we do love Serverless approach. Our team is willing to design, code(Python) and then implement the event-based solution for you.

Serverless – AWS Lambda

It’s high time to focus on problems to be solved rather than maintenance. The opportunity to accelerate the time to market process with AWS serverless eco-system.

Why Serverless with AWS:

For all companies which care about time to market, paying only for usage and continuous scaling. Chaos Gears is helping companies to make their innovative ideas real with AWS serverless approach.

Faster time to market

With AWS serverless services you’re going to deliver your idea to the market much faster with the lower entry level.

No servers security

Let AWS take care of the instances and containers security. Focus on your code.

Focus around the idea

Run the code and focus on your product

Pay only for usage

With AWS Lambda you only pay for the time of the invocation.

Automated Scaling

Let AWS scale your resources basing on traffic patterns