Cloud Adoption Audit

Preparation for strategy and measurement of cloud adoption in the organization is a first step in the journey to the cloud. Our consultants, with 20+ years of experience in IT, meet and work together closely with your teams (infrastructure, developers and business) to define (and mitigate) potential risks and conditions for success of cloud adoption in your organization. All this happens during workshops, infrastructure and application assessment meetings. Based on our experience and unique methodology we prepare a document which the contains strategy of cloud adoption and level of cloud readiness in your organization, a personalized roadmap, high-level designs, PoC description, success and risk definitions as well as next steps.


Based on our experience we have created a methodology of Cloud Adoption Audit that has its foundations listed in the below milestones:

Cloud Adoption Audit AWS

During the project you will receive:

  1. Technical workshop with infrastructure teams (DBA, Network, Virtualization, Security, Storage, Backup, etc.)
  2. Technical workshop with developer teams
  3. Full day business workshop with stakeholders showing benefits migration to cloud in terms of costs / resources / time

At the end of the project you will receive Cloud Adoption Audit document which contains:

  1. Your roadmap
  2. High-level design of future cloud (both public and hybrid)
  3. Client application graded with cloud readiness
  4. Defined applications that are not ready for migration to cloud or their cost might exceed final expectations
  5. Definition of PoC
  6. Detailed expected cost of PoC infrastructure in the cloud
  7. High-level Migration Plan of designated applications
  8. Success and risk definitions
  9. Proposal for next steps
Challenges vs. Solutions

Below we present the most common challenges faced by our clients and our solutions:

Long time of cloud adoption process in organization — up to 1 year

Chaos Gears unique methodology and experience improve by 70% time of cloud adoption in the organization — set up is possible even within 3 months.

Low level of cloud awareness in infrastructure, developer and business teams

Our workshops are conducted by people with more than 10 years of experience based on many successful projects. This, and bespoke approach guarantees high quality knowledge transfer and significant improvements of cloud awareness level in organization.

A mess in the infrastructure

Infrastructure review with high level migration plan prepared with high skilled engineers holding (among other) AWS CSA, CCNP, VCP, MCSA certifications.

A mess in the applications

Application review with cloud readiness measurement.

No, or rough, risk definition

Mapping of success and risk factors of your cloud infrastructure.

No, or low-cost, awareness of infrastructure

Full cost model of PoC infrastructure in cloud.

Complex 3rd party software licensing Significant risk of incurring costs

Cloud services licensing can bring clarity to the process.

Lack of implemented, automated workflows. Many tasks are done manually. Common anxiety against automation

We provide recommendations for the processes or areas which can be implemented as automated pipelines (not only in terms CI / CD). Usage not only AWS proprietary services but also 3rd party tooling.

Fear of launching disaster recovery and failure injection into HA clusters

/Experimentation generates new knowledge, and often suggests new avenues of exploration, therefore we believe in Chaos Engineering and all habits, which run continuously, provide new information about the infrastructure/

After audit phase we design steps after which our customers gaining self-confidence in launching Chaos Failure Tests and use empirical approach to understand how their system will behave under certain conditions

Cloud Migration

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your current systems and help you plan for migration to AWS cloud or VMware on AWS. At the end of this process, you receive the keys to a fully-configured, automated cloud environment that is ready to receive your application.


Based on our experience we have created a methodology called Five Steps of Cloud Migration (Milestones):

Cloud Migration
Cloud Adoption Audit / Cloud Adoption Workshop

We start form Cloud Adoption Audit results or free of charge Cloud Adoption Workshop where we align your technology leadership around a unanimous charter and establish an organization-wide action plan with our Cloud Adoption Workshop. This full day event brings together our best cloud architects with your team for a facilitated discussion.

Migration Planning

We gather the right intelligence on your existing systems and create a clear, comprehensive plan during a custom Migration Readiness and Planning engagement. Depending on the size and complexity of your cloud project, Chaos Gears can help you collect and process data, assess workloads, prioritize applications for migration, and prepare your team for the cloud.

Proof of Concept

In this phase of adoption, our SRE and Architects build out your AWS resources, networks, and tools and hand over a fully-configured Proof of Concept that is ready for your applications. Then we help you determine the best AWS or 3rd party tools to migrate your applications and data to the cloud securely.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migrations can take many different forms, from carefully re-architecting applications to take advantage of next-generation platforms to using a “lift-and-shift” tool to automatically copy servers in bulk. Chaos Gears will advise your team of available options and execute a migration strategy that optimizes effort and investment based on the desired end state.

Architecture Audit

After to 3 months. Full description available here [Cloud Design and Implementation → Architecture Audit].


During the project you, the customer receive:

  1. Technical workshop with infrastructure teams (DBA, Network, Virtualization, Security, Storage, Backup, etc.);

At the end of the project, you the customer receive Cloud Adoption Assessment Document with contains:

  1. PoC Runbook with step-by-step migration plan
  2. Full-operational PoC environment
  3. AWS Cloud Design Document or VMware on AWS Cloud Design Document
  4. Proposal of next steps
Challenges vs. Solutions

Below we present the most common challenges faced by our clients and our solutions:

Assuming that all applications should be migrated in the first place or at once.

A successful migration to the cloud requires proper planning with no room for shortcuts and one-by-one application process including a lot of tests to determine the success or failure.

Keeping the whole process secure (data in transit and at rest)

Use VPN connection between on-premise and AWS DC to secure network communication, encrypt shares (for instance EFS) which provides data security for both in transit and at rest, enable encryption on every S3 bucket where sensitive data are stored.

Getting leadership and any other cloud stakeholder involved as well as keeping their support in every stage of migration

Organizing meetings on every starting and ending stage (milestone) with team leaders, planning together every step on each stage and try to do as many test scenarios as possible.

Selecting the best-matching application / s which should be migrated during the initial phase

Seamless migration insists on proper selection of one or more applications, which fits into cloud model therefore we rely on meeting with developers and team leaders responsible for their application part or even whole app stack. After such meetings we are able to decide whether particular applications are cloud ready or require some long-term changes (re-architecture model). We avoid lift-and-shift model.